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Straight restaurant Elegant element boundary of southern new barn

Date: 2014-12-22

DongSiShiTiao new south warehouse was a former imperial house store in terms of place, now there are several well-preserved ancient granary complex consists of, quietly hidden in the tall buildings of modern.In the of primitive simplicity is beautiful courtyard, there is a simple plain restaurant called "straight", is a elegant with operating mainly vegetarian food and tea.When it comes to elegant, natural to speak of from the environment of "straight".
Straight restaurant tea culture resources of of primitive simplicity: Liu Li first time visiting, from the noisy peace street into the door of grain boundary, the heart will not calm down.At the entrance to a plain clothes Buddha in porch place, restaurant is pure color of log is decorated, rustic elements can be seen everywhere.Reception is a thick old wood tea table, tea into his light incense burner, bright type round-backed armchair of hospitality, in this has involved Yu Qingya teahouse.
Restaurant spacious contracted style is simple but elegant style, indeed to old vine entangled branches decorated bar back wall, three holy white lotus flowers surrounded with embedded colorless transparent design "straight", the miao jie don't have artistic conception.The other side of the hall are veils droop compartments, and exclusive private rooms, in such an atmosphere of elegant providence, enjoy healthy and delicious vegetarian, presumably would clean up the entire body and mind.
Straight restaurant contracted the illicit close space source: Liu Li listening, a song, the ancient music of violin YouChang echoed in the ears, the straight restaurant is so elegant, how can a little guqin rendering.Here also have tea, guqin, set the sound shows, full chamber waves sweet, really is a rare element boundary of cultivate one's morality raises a gender.