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Ali after opening a double tenth: hai tao ChengLiang point

Date: 2014-11-12

From 2009 in 50 million to 2013 in 35.1 billion, five years, ali let double tenth a traded to turn over 700 times.In order to play, in the first battle of ali carry the banner of "globalization" of the first year focus on shopping around the world, the introduction of dozens of overseas tenants, and allows the user to directly on the day the cat platform use pay treasure to hai tao, and said, "a period, tao sea mail items pack.
Before this, ali has for its globalization strategy layout, such as investment in Singapore post, with Australia, Brazil and other local postal service to achieve strategic cooperation, the server set up abroad, etc.
Ali's wishful thinking, however, still received foreign old electricity amazon's interference.China announced on October 29, amazon launched the United States, Germany, Spain, France, Britain and Italy six site direct mail service in China, and launched the Chinese version of the overseas purchase channel, the goods to shorten the average delivery time to 9 to 15 days, the fastest can be sent to the three working days.It makes a lot of waiting to feed the baby milk powder abroad hai tao mother joy bloom.
Of the uncertainty of cat than day supply of goods, amazon is authentic "tao", for consumers want to buy high quality products abroad, the latter's appeal is not small.But, after all, is the first time to fight a double tenth, amazon was dumped a few streets in propaganda, on the road, the video website, television, weibo etc can be seen everywhere in the electricity business double tenth advertising campaigns, almost can not find the shadow of the amazon.Even the old users, for the amazon war put a little also.