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Auspicious hall of the hotel: zero distance "cultural living"

Date: 2015-01-12

Auspicious hall courtyard hotel is located in Beijing sand winding hutong courtyard number 7, hotel is close to the temple, only a few steps away from houhai.Auspicious hall in the courtyard, is the old Beijing courtyard, is also has a long history.Here the yuan dynasty has been a very famous jewellery market, every day all kinds of merchants in this business, success stories and legends, the can is opened to lead the business in Beijing.All around is not destroy the old hutongs, old Beijing flavor preservation is very complete, some have already disappeared, only have come from the old Beijing city streets flavor, here is still retained.
Auspicious hall combines calligraphy, collection, and tai chi culture at an organic whole, the hotel has a faint courtyard, has goldfish pond, the persimmon tree, guests can deeply feel the old Beijing courtyard lasting appeal.Siheyuan unique vulture act the role ofing and coloured drawing or pattern, the folk-custom folkway and perfect fusion of traditional culture and modern living with auspicious words of "lucky" meaning.Dan, door head and hold post couplet, all the best wishes from the hidden.
Quiet and tastefully laid out and quiet room, by the Chinese traditional furniture decoration, sound into the evening guqin, faint aroma, admire the ancient calligraphy and painting, rich culture breath, like a palace of Chinese traditional culture, you can feel the other side of an old Beijing life.Mr Shen congwen was living here, like most is to the alley next to carry a pot of both tasteful and alive with a dish of peanuts, a wrote to morning at his desk.
Four-star configuration, due to the unique amorous feelings become more international friends to Beijing travel first choice to live.According to international custom senior guest meals, whether it is where the guests, can experience the real feel at home.