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Beijing uncivilized touring behavior 'blacklist'

Date: 2019-07-24

Steal dug wild vegetables ", "harassment long-eared owl" uncivilized behavior, such as the future will be included in the "blacklist".Before July 23, in view of the media exposure of uncivilized behavior, joint of Beijing gardens green bureau of Beijing association of park green space and volunteer corps green angel Beijing jointly formulate released a "blacklist" uncivilized fete behavior, including the dog for a walk, feed the fish, whip, using ultra - sound, etc are included in the "blacklist".In addition, the "garden in suzhou the civilization" to release.The personage inside course of study says, a move aimed at creating civilized and harmonious environment for residents.

It is understood that the release of "blacklist" uncivilized fete behavior including climb walls, railings, hedge, in no-smoking zones, playing in non-sports sports venues, rollerblading, walking the dog, the whip, using ultra - sound, spitting, defecation, throw the peel (nuclear) other effects such as the spring and the tour order.

Volunteer team captain af129 angel green Beijing, said recent including contingent and six detachment nearly thousands of volunteer service members have full play, the park in the city, for a variety of flexible discourage uncivilized behavior of fete, urged the general public civilization fete, together create a harmonious and beautiful environment.

In order to resist the uncivilized behavior, in May this year, some of the Beijing municipal parks set to not touring behavior civilization "lighthouse".Purple bamboo park, for example, set the "lighthouse" uncivilized fete behavior panel, put on a tourist excavation of bamboo shoots, accept the punishment of the scene photos, and is equipped with a case and the warning letter.In addition, the purple bamboo park with the introduction of the capital public civilization guides to carry out the "garden of civilization" to guide work, publicity to the tourists civilization concept, discourage uncivilized fete behavior;The temple of heaven park also use of campus electronic big screen, radio, rolling and display boards, posters, civilized and fete for tourists, the dig potherb propaganda, will patrol in key areas to increase frequency at the same time, the timely discovery, dissuade tourists uncivilized behavior.

Related principals of Beijing gardens green bureau, said the release "blacklist" uncivilized fete behavior more tourists to advocate civilized fete, for violation of the Beijing municipal park regulations, if the circumstances are serious uncivilized behavior, will be the scene forensics exposure.