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The Shared office space WeWork will officially land China market in Taiwan before the end of the year

Date: 2019-07-25

Shared office space Wework into Taiwan, is expected to be officially opened by the end of this year.First based in Taipei, xinyi planning zone exchange square 2, a total of 8 floor space.

WeWork Asia, said Christian Lee, vice President of Taiwan on the high-tech, information and communication industry with innovative energy, so think Taiwan on technology and innovation have very big development space.

WeWork Taiwan adopted "localization strategy", in the space design, operation mode, recruit talents and community activity plan and so on various aspects are emphasized in culture.

WeWork official website can refer to Taiwan office rent prices.Private office rent to t $40700 jump, flow and desk rent charge nt $11900.

Now there is a open WeWork let those who are interested in before booking, to let them get the latest notice, also can undertake online counseling.

Wework which was established in 2010, New York, the company started by 2016 to expand into Asia, including Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, etc.At present, Wework at 485 locations in 105 cities around the world.